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  • Martin, Bree, and Jonathan

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    Rest in Peace Trigz

    Sending love to his family and our friends over at the-seventh-letter

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    Photographer’s Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990, by Jean-Pierre Laffont

    In both his life and his work, photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont is the ultimate expression of American freedom—freedom in his unimpeded documentation of society’s ills and the impassioned descent of an American people exercising freedom of their own. In no other country could Laffont have accessed such a wide range of controversial subject matters. For a photojournalist, America was, and continues to be, a Photographer’s Paradise: Turbulent America 1960–1990(Glitterati Incorporated).

    Driven by his own insatiable curiosity, Laffont traveled all fifty of the United States to document a broad swath of the country’s fabric. Laffont captured America through some of its most turbulent eras—seminal moments that may now even seem commonplace but were revelations at the time. The book is organized by decade, taking us across the nation, from the funerals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy to the Washington D.C. protests against the Kent State killings, Laffont is witness to history as it unfolds before his camera.

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    Rowboat, Ngo Dong River, Socialist Republic of Vietnam - photo by Emanuele Nardoni

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    (Source: National Geographic)

  • Elizabeth Peña 

    September 23, 1959 - October 14, 2014

    (Source: vlsphoto.blogspot.com, via classicladiesofcolor)